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Philip has written pieces in Ayrshire College, Ayr Gaiety and University West Of Scotland.

He has done workshops with current playwrights such as Meghan Tyler, Gary McNair, Maryam Hamidi and Nadine Aisha Jassat.

Circumstances (College) photo_edited.jpg


Circumstances was born in the HND Acting devised module. We got a stimulus to create it around the bus. We decided to do it around strangers on a bus, having a connection over a major Scottish incident. The Clutha Bar crash. I wrote the piece by myself. This piece was well received and a lecturer said "It had been beautifully written."


Circumstances (revamped)

This piece was revamped for university for my year "Creative Festival". This piece was adapted from the original piece I wrote back in college with an added character and a movement piece. It was well received by all audiences.

Stuck (image).jpg


Stuck was the second piece that I have ever written. I wrote it for RAFT (River Ayr Film Theatre) company outwith university time. Stuck. We are stuck in our lives. We are stuck in a dead end job. We are stuck in troubles that we don’t discuss. We are stuck being us. However, what is it like to be different. Different from each other as individuals. Five co-workers are stuck working in Easy Streetz, a big store in Scotland. Do they hate it? Well, most of them. However, it’s the people there who make it. It’s Tiffany’s first day. It’s her first job. She is unaware the remaining staff members try to survive each day without being fired by their horrible boss. Three of the co-workers have secrets that have been untold. Will the secrets come out when they are stuck together in a snowstorm? Will this change people’s views on them? Time to find out.

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